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  • An important discovery or development by the doctors at Yale University in New haven, CT reported that they thriving restored hair on the head and other parts of the body in a 25 year old man who was diagnosed with hairlessness due to the disease alopecia universalis. It is the f…d with zero lab abnormalities and no side effects could also be found.

  • This technique has already been used to track flu cases and researchers are confident that looking at posts on social media can provide accurate and timely information on mental health trends. Why might this work? Traditional methods of phone surveys or filling out survey for…viously untested theories which were untested due to the lack of data.

  • The doctor told her that their babies had twin to twin transfusion syndrome and needed to be taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. And the doctor informed that Sarah might be candidate for surgical procedure and without it there is 98 percent chance that both babies wou… energy. Sarah feels very blessed and grateful to have miracle babies.

  • Only moments away from the truth! Well if one goes to TGI Fridays, there is a fair chance they will be offeredpumpkin spice martini. For some people it is a fairly good way to celebrate the holidays but is it worth it? Is it justifiable to go out for unhealthy drinks along with p…at TGI Fridays. One can choose whatever is the most suitable for them.

  • How to enhance male fertility Is it too late since your marriage and you are not able to give birth to a baby? This can be due to many reasons. One of the reasons behind this can be the infertility in either of the partners. Infertility among men means the inability in men to c… sperm count. It also improves the quality and motility of the sperms.

  • Maintaining the right amount of water along with other substances in the body is critical in the right functioning of the brain and the heart and thus your whole body. And so doubtlessly, taking care of your kidneys should be like a primary responsibility of yours. According to d…towards your healthier kidneys today and live a better life every day.

  • By successful implementation of the lift of ban FDA will place America in the list of countries which have already altered this ban. The list of country includes Mexico, Canada, South Africa, European country Italy, and Asian country Japan. Details and minorities of the ban: Th…final decision of FDA regarding the lift of ban on gay blood donators.

  • Dr. Salia didn’t get into this medical profession to earn money, though he was Permanent US resident he decided to work in his native Sierra Leone because the need for surgeons there was really huge. Although his medical friends were very much worried about him when he decide…r is a noble soul who was able to do so many things for lot of people.

  • The research study carried out by Dr. Varun Kumar, who is an internist at the Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, pointed out that hospitals witness many emergency room admission of patients because they feel chest pain when they consume cocaine. What is the problem in detection? He…h lower cholesterol levels, as these therapies prevent heart diseases.

  • The mechanism of working of this drug includes removal of the concealment that cancer cells use to dodge the action of immune system on them. According to a study by an international journal, this drug has proved amazingly successful in helping patients to completely recover from…apies can prove to be a paradigm shift in the arena of cancer studies.

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