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  • According to the Centre of International Forestry Research, an estimated five million tonne of bushmeat is consumed in Africa’s Congo Basin per year. The first victim of Ebola as a result of consuming bushmeat has been traced to a two year old child, dubbed Child Zero, in the…not a stretch to assume that bushmeat may be a cause for the outbreak.

  • Cigarette Smoking leads the table of preventable causes for deaths and diseases in the United States, accounting for more than 4,80,000 per year in the country. Also,nearly 30 times the number of people who die due to cigarette smoking suffer from various diseases, the study has …nd related products and making use of campaigns to spread the message.

  • As per the research study by the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014, a high intake of trans fatty acids in our food may have an adverse effect on our memory. The study was conducted on 1,000 healthy men who included middle-aged and younger men. The study show…e fruits as tey are rich in antioxidants helping our cells to recover.

  • It costs her organization, a Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC), approxiamtely $40 to make a kit. But that volume stands to arise sharply given Amphastar — a solitary producer of nasal naloxone in the US will be doubling a drug’s cost starting December 1. The indiscriminate cos…ment. And she told that her hatred to see 20 years of work dismantled.

  • With around a dozen of stem cell clinics around the United States and the wide diversity of areas in which the research is being done, standardizing regulations on the research is a hefty task. As the cell-based products like stem cell treatments are individualized and manipulate…ead of it. It is a very edgy science and contains a lot of hope in it.

  • 10) Humana - One of the biggest health insurance providersin the United States, Humana has over 11 million members. Humana has it’s service operations in all the fifty states of United States, and also provides health insurance services in D.C and Puerto Rico. 9) Allianz - …rich Healthcare Insurance offers insurance plans for families as well.

  • Medical science is always at work for innovation of new medicinal treatment as it is genetic nature of living beings to adapt themselves to the changing environment. Biological micro organisms and human body is in constant process of change leading to complex and more developed i… more scope of medicinal treatment for complex and untreated diseases.

  • Overview   In order to serve the underserved populations, MBM Health & Medical and GlobalMed have signed an alliance to provide health solutions in these areas. MBM’s professional healthcare providers and specialist networks combined with GlobalMed’s telehealth solut… the population with direct access to a large pool of medical experts.

  • The people who have attempted suicide are at high risk population and an effective treatment is needed. Majority of people who attempt suicide have some form of mental disorder and these individuals requires medication depending on the type of disorder they have which may help th…alk Therapy and can be considered for populations at risk for suicide.

  • Andrew Witty, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline which itself is one of the top pharmaceutical companies, exclaimed that a billion dollar figure to develop a drug is a complete myth. This further strengthens the suspicion regarding the credibility of the incredible production prices. Whi…d be thoroughly inspected and steps should be taken to fix the system.

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