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  • People consider it cool to own a smartphone. With technological advancements, smartphones have been designed to satisfy all the needs of the people with just a simple touch.  Everything around the world has now become easier to be accessed from a single place. All these said and…or a person, but all he has to know is to how to handle them properly.

  • Heroin is also cheaper than other drugs, so people find convenient to consume it. But the harmful consequences of these drugs have increased dramatically in recent years. Even the drugs taken more than the intended amount, as prescribed by the doctor will lead to serious health c…ajor role for the drug addicts. Where there is a will, there is a way!

  • If asked about this delay to the physicians they would describe it as necessary event as they need to reserve time for patients with urgent problems as all of them cannot be treated well by the doctors at the same time. But today’s world is fast moving and every service is re…care as well. It’s not easy to change but let’s hope for the best.

  • It happens to mostly with the people who have witnessed or experience life threatening situations for example, under strong physical attack or sexual assault in when young or in One in five military recruits that has returned from Afghanistan is suffering from PTSD. It is difficu…he people with the effects and side effects of cannabis and marijuana.

  • Mental illness is more complicated than physical illness so are their treatments. It is mentioned in the study that anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin and estrogen can improve upon the ongoing treatment of Schizophrenia. The study outstands because: It was believed by s…rding the newer subjects which may also provide more brain plasticity.

  • One of the major problems that have shown an increasing toll in the recent decades is the problem of Asthma. Asthma patients are day by day increasing especially in the urban areas. Asthma is a very crucial disease as when it happens rarely a person feels that he is suffering f…eart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014 in Chicago, Illinois US.

  • Cancer! The word itself gives us goose bumps. The first symptom of this disease is tumour. Tumour is formed due to the collection of abnormal cells. Usually, the normal cells in our body grow, live and then die. But tumour cells grow and they never die. And this is the reason beh…magical effect on brain tumour cancers has made is a very useful drug.

  • The lead author of this health study, Thanh Huyen T. Vu who happens to be a research assistant professor at the Northwestern University in the United States said that it is crucial to maintain a wholesome and hale lifestyle at all ages, but even importantly during younger days, w…u, thanks to all the satisfaction and love you invested in it earlier.

  • In their study researchers have determined a specific type of cell that is responsible for the appearance of large and disfiguring tumors in human body which is commonly called as plexiformneurofibromas. This is a great and a promising finding as it will help scientists and docto…indispensable due to rising cases of MPNST and plexiformneurofibromas.

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