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  • According to Yaël P. Mossé, MD, who is working as a child oncologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, it is possible to plan an optimum treatment level for a patient by using his ALK gene mutation profile, by the integration of biochemistry in the diagnostic strate…sistance to drugs would help in saving lives of thousands of children.

  • Insomnia, the inability to fall asleep or the habit of sleeplessness. It is a sleeping disorder that is becoming increasingly common in today’s world. Studies conducted earlier suggest that around half of older adults report having at least one of these symptoms of insomnia. Th…into account the everyday health and other life issues of the subject.

  • As per world reports Bipolar disorder is considered to be the sixth leading cause of creatingdisability among the pregnant women of reproductive age group. Inspite of being such a dangerous and a grave problem little research has been done on it and due to it research is only abl…or nutrition health and smoking can also play an important role in it.

  • There are pleural spaces around the lungs. Sometimes due to congestive heart failure, liver diseases, end-stage renal disease, pneumonia and cancer cause plural effusion to collect in these spaces. Due to it a person experiences shortness of breath, fever, cough and chest pain. I…e but has also helped hundreds of patients improve their life quality.

  • The research performed by two clinicians and a bio-anthropologist concentrated on studying how loving relationships can help women cope-up with this inescapable and fateful phase of their life. Researchers investigated, predicting a possible healing connection between women deali…ay lessen occurrences of hot flashes during the menopausal transition.

  • A few years back with rising colorectal cancer among the elderly, colonoscopy screening was strongly recommended for people above 50 years and as a result colorectal cancer rates have dropped significantly in the recent years. But a study done recently came up with the horrifying…cilities, we will stand hand in hand against the increasing CRC rates.

  • According to the report, the pancreas has some special cells, known as beta cells. With these extensions, and they are covered with insulin receptors. They also said that if there is a change in the function of cilia, it can be associated and directly linked with the evolving of …investigation into the unknown and yet unrevealed secrets of diabetes.

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