Telemedicine in the Middle East

Telemedicine in the Middle East



In order to serve the underserved populations, MBM Health & Medical and GlobalMed have signed an alliance to provide health solutions in these areas. MBM’s professional healthcare providers and specialist networks combined with GlobalMed’s telehealth solutions would provide the ideal means to serve the remote areas.

Even with a large urban population, UAE is home to a lot of expatriates. The telehealth solutions proposed by GlobalMed would make this part of the expatriate population feel at home giving a timely, quality and culturally sensitive healthcare to its people.

About the partners

GlobalMed is a US based industry leader in telemedicine. Telemedicine or telehealth brings healthcare to rural and remote areas by letting practitioners diagnose and treat patients remotely via telecommunications. This saves the patient the time spent on travelling and gets him the expert care that he needs, without leaving his home. It is time-saving and cost effective.

MBM Group is a Dubai-based Royal family office and investment holding company with activities in investments, strategic advisory and community development. MBM Health & Medical is one of the groups of companies of MBM which is dedicated to provide world class healthcare facilities to patients in the region which is cost effective with enhanced outcomes. MBM’s vision is to establish Dubai as a centre for excellence. In terms of healthcare and also as a step towards this goal is the partnership between MBM Health & Medical and GlobalMed.

GlobalMed’s success in meeting the diverse and dispersed needs of healthcare was one of the reasons for this alliance to come to its fruition. In the year 2013, GlobalMed connected practitioners and patients for around two million consultations. GlobalMed’s integrated hardware and software solutions based on region-specific requirements are what enable them to extend “quality healthcare to all.” GlobalMed’s technical know-how and MBM’s local presence is poised to make available quality and cheap medical care across the diverse population of UAE and the Middle East.

Other alliances

MBM Health & Medical, apart from its alliance with GlobalMed, is also increasing its strategic alliances by entering into agreements with healthcare providers from across the globe. These agreements are to get physicians from across the globe onboard the telehealth program so that the residents of UAE and Middle East can get the best possible care.

Apart from this, agreements have been signed with more than 3000 healthcare providers in the UK and India, providing the population with direct access to a large pool of medical experts.

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