Trans fat maybe bad for memory!

Trans fat maybe bad for memory!

As per the research study by the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014, a high intake of trans fatty acids in our food may have an adverse effect on our memory. The study was conducted on 1,000 healthy men who included middle-aged and younger men. The study showed that men having high intake of trans fats in their food scored lower in the word memory tests which clearly signifies the lower level of memory as compared to the men having a low intake of trans fatty acids in their diet.

Food questionnaires were prepared in order to find out the food habits of the people and subsequently a memory test was conducted on all the people. These food questionnaires and the memory tests were analysed by the Lead author Beatrice Golomb of University of California-San Diego and his co-author Alexis Bui.


Memory Test: The memory test was quite simple. In the memory test the participants were shown a series of 104 cards with different words on them and then participants were shown these cards and were asked whether the word displayed on each card was new or had already appeared on a previous card shown.

Test Result:  After the analysis the researchers came to the conclusion that those men who were aged 45 or younger and those who were having the highest intake of trans fats had scored significantly lower in the word memory test in comparision to those who had the lowest intake. The relationship remained unchanged even after adjustment for various factors like age, depression, education and ethnicity.

Further analysis showed that each additional gram of trans fat per day led to 0.76 fewer words recalling. This approximately translates a lower memory by 10%.

Conclusion:  According to Golomb Trans fats are strongly linked to worse memory, in young and middle-aged men. According to her trans fats can lead to oxidative stress which can damage the cells. She also conducted a study according to which chocolates, which are rich in antioxidants, not only had a positive impact on cell energy but was led to improved word memory in middle-aged people. She says that transfat do increase the shelf life of the food but they have a stong adverse effect on our memory thus reducing our memory shelf life. So you have to choose now what you want.

She suggests going for more fresh and healthy diet than going for the easy packed and frozen food and of course avoiding the fast food in our daily diet. One must love fruits as tey are rich in antioxidants helping our cells to recover.

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