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Medical science is always at work for innovation of new medicinal treatment as it is genetic nature of living beings to adapt themselves to the changing environment. Biological micro organisms and human body is in constant process of change leading to complex and more developed infections and techniques causing complications in human body. Some latest medication options introduced in market by the companies of Big pharma have gained FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommendation and have created landmark medicines to save human life.

Latest medicines innovated and the target disease cured: ? Cyramza by Eli Lilly (Indianapolis-based): This angiogenesis inhibitor drug treats the stomach cancer by inhibiting blood supply to the tumors formed in the tissues lining the stomach especially at the juncture of joining of esophagus with the stomach. It is mostly prevalent in old adults. The cancer can be treated by this drug when the tumor cannot be removed surgically or if it has gained metastatic condition due to treatment with fluoropyrimidine or therapy by platinum based chemotherapy. Side effects faced by the patients may be diarrhea and high blood pressure.

  • fev (nintedanib) by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals: The kinase inhibitor drug blocks all the pathways that have the probability of scarring lung tissues causing idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Though Ofev is recommended for the treatment of chronic scarring of lung disease but, it is not recommended to those patients who have from moderate to severe liver problems. Pregnant women or those who are expected to be pregnant should not take Ofev. The drug can cause diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, liver enzyme elevation and high blood pressure as some of its symptoms of side effects.
  • Palbociclib by Pfizer: The drug is a targeted agent that partially inhibits cyclin-dependent kinases to block tumor cell proliferation. The drug has got approval by NDA (New Drug Application) as first line therapy for advanced Breast cancer when used in combination with Letrozole.
  • Kadcyla by Roche: This drug also treats HER2 positive or late-stage of breast cancer. It is a trustuzumab which connects with DM1 drug that controls the growth of cancerous cells. This drug directly attacks on the HER2 protein. It inhibits and then shrinks the growth of the tumor cells. Most common side effects observed after consumption of the drug is nausea, muscular and joint pain, decrease in platelets level, increase in liver enzymes, constipation, headache and fatigue.
  • Nivolumab by Bristol- Myers Squibb Co.: The drug is PD-1 immune check point inhibitor. It is a successful treatment to the patients suffering from Hodgekin’s Lymphoma. The drug is found to be a successful chemotherapy for skin cancer or melanoma patients. The company has applied for approval of the drug by FDA and is expected to receive the recommendation by March 2015.
  • Olysio by Johnson & Johnson: The drug is protease inhibitor that blocks protein needed for the replication of hepatitis C virus thus; it has become most successful drug therapy for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection. It is recommended not to use the drug alone. It may be used in combination with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin and, it is advised to adopt sun exposure limitation measure while using these drugs to prevent side effects of rashes.
  • LCZ696 by Novartis: The combination of drugs comes under the ACE inhibitor class of drugs. The drug is expected to hit the U.S. markets by 2015. It is said to be most effective drug for the chronic heart failure patients.
  • Sifalimumab by AstraZeneca: The drug is a monoclonal antibody that helps in the treatment of lupus disease, which is an auto immune disease. As the drug is an antibody thus; it also treats Rheumatoid arthritis. The drugs targets interferon which is a protein involved in inflammation.
  • Dengue fever vaccine by Sanofi: Sanofi claims to manufacture the first ever dengue fever vaccine which will hit the markets in 2015. The Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine is clinically tested over volunteers in I, II and III phases of the test all over the world. The drug is said to work on the body’s immune response.
  • Keytrude by Merck: This drug is for the patients of melanoma who no longer respond to the other drugs. This is the first drug that blocks the cellular pathway PD-1 which in turn restricts the immune system from attacking the melanoma cells. The drug is also observation for treatment of lung and kidney cancer. With the innovation of all these drugs we could see healthy future of mankind and more scope of medicinal treatment for complex and untreated diseases.

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