Doctor Vista extends Online Healthcare with the Release of new features

Doctor Vista extends Online Healthcare with the Release of new features


Thursday, Sept 11’ 2014 Often times, people face health problems and need a doctor’s advice, but doctors are not always around to help and appointments can be costly. If a person has already consulted with a doctor, they sometimes want to gain a second opinion to get the opinion of another professional. is a web based healthcare provider that began in 2011. Doctor Vista is proud to announce the release of a unique publication platform that can be utilized by healthcare professionals all over the world. This publication will give individuals access to advice from doctors all over the world, to gain expertise and learn how to treat different ailments.

Current services that Doctor Vista offers include a section where users can ask doctors questions, and live video chat. With the live video chat, people can select the doctor they want to speak with. The available doctors all specialize in different fields. There are currently more than 200 affiliated doctors, but that number is projected to grow with the upcoming features that is being launched.

New features that is being launched with the publication platform include community articles, where people can share advice with one another for free. There will also be a community blog and community videos. Doctor Vista added these features to give people a chance to interact and share advice and tips that have proven helpful when treating different medical problems and symptoms.

Upcoming features includes healthcare news, where the latest headlines will be shared. There will also be a section in which users can submit press releases and post upcoming events that are related to the healthcare industry. Another new feature to subscribers will be access to various reports.

Doctor Vista is beneficial to healthcare professionals, medical content writers, drug research agencies, research professionals in healthcare, and health and medical event organizers. Doctor Vista strives to offer trustworthy online doctor consultation services at affordable prices.

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